PVC film welding systems

The machines are designed for production of everyday life articles of soft and hard PVC film or of artificial leather such as office materials, fancy goods of leather, liquid aromatizers and other similar articles. The thickness of PVC film being welded is from 0.3 to 1.0 mm.

The UZP 1500, UZP 2000 and UZP 2500 AM systems can be equipped with heating /hot/ plate and its appropriate accessories in order to achieve a very high quality welding of hard PVC film parts.

While conforming to concrete requirements of customers, a realization of supplementÓry variants of the offered machines of type UZP is possible, such as: rotary current of UZP 1500 and UZP 2000, insertion of electromagnetic pressure and others.

The company is exclusive representative of the ňnglish company MARSHALL COMPONENTS Ltd- www.marshallcomponents.co.uk for delivery of: -electron tubes for HF generators, -HV ceramic capacitors, -cemented wire resistors in Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo.