Equipment for production of tents and stretched ceilings from vinyl sheets
UZP2500└╠, UZP3600, UZP4502 and UZP8000

The equipment offered is designed for production of TIR awnings, tents, wind proof curtains for open restaurants and cafes, stretched ceilings, advertising billboards and other similar articles from vinyl sheets. This production is carried out through welding with high-frequency electricity and application of dosed press compression by hydraulic, pneumatic or electro-magnetic system. Straight or curved electrodes with length between 500 mm and 900 mm and width 20 mm for tents and 2-3 mm for stretched ceilings are used for the purpose.

The equipment is a set of a specialised press and high-frequency supply block combined in one unit complying with the applicable Regulations and harmonised European standards. The built-in generator tubes (Russia) are from a contemporary generation and with improved wear index. The machines are equipped with Anti-flash protection block for switching off in case of electric rupture in the welded material.

The technological characteristic of the equipment offered is conformed to the specific features of the production of the above-mentioned articles. The average period of one welding cycle is determined by the following actions: 5-8 sec high-frequency heating, 4-6 sec getting cool under compression, which is necessary for the good forming of the sewing, and 1-2 sec for lowering and lifting of the welding electrode. For the equipments with hydraulic and pneumatic compression an additional pause period is introduced before the switching on of the high-frequency heating in order to ensure an opportunity for correction at the positioning of the welded material. The lowering of the welding electrode of these equipments is through a foot contact-maker with an option for measuring. The working area of the operator is protected by a movable electrostatic screen, which ensures safe level of electromagnetic field. A fin setting for reduction of the sinking of the electrode in the welded material is implemented, which is a very important factor in respect of production of stretched ceilings.

The company is exclusive representative of the ňnglish company MARSHALL COMPONENTS Ltd- for delivery of: -electron tubes for HF generators, -HV ceramic capacitors, -cemented wire resistors in Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo.